Our Company


Tiger Capital Management (TCM) established in 2006, steadily investing through every market cycle. Throughout that time we’ve had the good fortune to work with exceptional entrepreneurs to help build companies of value.

Tiger’s guiding investment philosophy is to provide exceptional returns for our partnering with entrepreneurs and executives to build significant value in their companies.

Tiger at a glance
Current fund: Tiger Capital (2011), 186 million

Stage focus: Seed to growth stage, Construction loan,

Investment size: $200,000 to $5 million initially

Industry focus: technology sectors, Environment, Construction lending

Why we’re different

First, we haven’t built up a large staff like most venture firms. We’re five investing partners managing over $186 million, and we know that our financial success is tied directly to yours. So when you partner with us, you deal with experienced people who not only invest capital, but can help you make that money work. Second, we get it. We’re not starchy. We’re not stiff. We’re not bankers or accountants. We’re in this business because we love it. We understand that to you it’s not an “investment opportunity.” It’s your dream. So when we work with you it becomes our dream too.